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Rally services @ Lebanon 2012
In first weekend of September 2012 JMS Technic was in FIA MERC Rally Libanon providing motorsport services for Turkish TokSport and its' driver Abdo Feghal. With a excellent preparation Feghal, who drove with Mini Cooper S2000, gained success and finished the event on silver position. In the same rally local Tony Germany Rally Skills Mitsubishi Evolution X driver suffered a fast-paced crash which modified the car looking quite bad. JMS Technic made repair works for the car.
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TimeAttack Corvette made by JMS Technic
In summer 2012 JMS Technic made a Corvette car for Finnish Time Attack racing series.
JMS Techni on Custom Cages valtuutettu yritys
JMS Technic Juho Moisio is now authorized Custom Cages safety roll-cage import and installation company

High quality safety roll-cage manufacturer, british Custom Cages has authorized Finnish JMS Technic to their official product importer and installation company. Nomination gives JMS Technic a new possibility to offer Custom Cages roll-cage installation kits for customers who want to weld their own safety roll-cage to their competition cars.

JMS Technic, owned by highly appreciated motorsport wizard Juho Moisio, was found at 2005. In past seven years JMS Technic has provided well-known motorsport services, like safety roll-cage weldings for all motorsport clients. Moisio recomenndates so called "ready-to-race" package for a competitor including TIG-welded Custom Cages roll-cages with a certificate.

- Certificated Custom Cages roll-cages are one of the most important safety gear for motorsport people. Custom Cages offers a wide range selection of roll-cages suitable for many car models. For those cars Custom Cages cannot supply a ready product, JMS Technic is able to manufacture certificated self-made safety roll-cages tailor-made for each customers hopes and desires, Moisio tells.

- JMS Technic also provides other motorsport services like damper sales & service and rally car service & maintenance as well as test, developement and setup works. We have strong know-how in every side of motorsport areas including Finland and international events. So when you need high quality and complete motorsport services, don't hesitate to contact us immediately, Moisio markets his company services.
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JMS Technic rebuild Sebateam Ford Escort Cosworth WRC customer car

Eight times Finnish Rally Champion Sebastian Lindholms' Sebateam old Ford Escort WRC corporate entertainment car let us rebuild hils piece of jeweldry. Since the original build date the car has undergone "few" special stage kilometre and therefore it had to have a complete new basis. Also rollcage was complitely maintenanced. Click and view few images of the project!
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Body and roll cage works for Kuwaitian Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS rally car

Under very warm weather and palms we made body and roll cage works for Kuwaitian Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS rally car which is to be used in Middle East Rally Championship series. Click few images from the project!
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Roll cage works now for Time Attack cars!

Due new investment for pipe bending and profiling machinery we've been able to expand our professionality f.ex to Time Attack cars. During autumn 2011 we've made roll cage works for one Nissan 350Z and one Skyline R32 Time Attack cars for Rasmus Speed Promotions Ltd/Toni Ruokonen. View a video (.youtube)

At the moment we're making roll cage works for Toni Ruokonen's customers Skoda Fabia WRC.

More information of Time Attack series and our roll cage works can be read at December issue of Tuning magazine! More info!
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Roll cage works for Nokian Tyres Audi RS 6 test car

At the end of season 2011 we fullfilled one of the most exotic procjects ever as we manufactured safety roll cages for Nokian Tyres Audi RS 6 car. With this car people are trying to break the record in driving on frozen lake. Roll cage works were extremely challenging because all interior parts except seats were in place. Even risk for fire was huge we still were able to finish the car as scheduled before Christmas. Right after season 2012 get underway the car was on its' way to Geneve Automobile show.
Highslide JSNew premises ready for action

Due increase of our products and services we've opened new premises near old ones. Now we have more space f.ex for better storage of the products we represent! You are welcomed to have a visit!
Highslide JSEsko Reiners Motorsport and JMS Technic in co-operation

Professional Finnish Motorsport companies, Esko Reiners Motorsport and JMS Technic offers high standard motorsport service for all its’ international clients. Companies of Esko Reiners (ERM) and Juho Moisio (JMS Technic) provides services f.ex new and used rally and race cars, best spare parts and supplies, rally and race car service and maintenance, motorsport consults and rally school services. Click for complete press release!
Highslide JSSpeedCar Xtreme CrossKart company of Mikko Hirvonen enjoys JMS Technic services

JMS Technic is a professional motorsport company which possess lots of experience from all levels of motorsport - Worldwide. JMS Technic is known as a appreciated partner in motorsport industry, especially safety rollcage weldings. The company also sells and services f.ex ProFlex, Reiger Racing Suspension and Öhlins dampers and produces on-site rally services, rally car test, developement and setup services. Click for complete press release!
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Reiger dampers for Turkish rally team

In April 2010 we delivered Reiger dampers for Istanbul based rally team, TOK-Sport.
They compete in Turkish Rally Championship series and drives in WRC Rally Turkey
Click and view images from tests.
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JMS Technic support turkish Toksportin on Podium of Bosphorus rally

In first weekend of June 2011 turkish Toksport competed in Istanbulish Bosphorus rally with six rally cars. After three days of action they achieved success with transmission and dampers supported by JMS Technic. We congratulate the team for 8th fastest overall and N3-group 2nd fastest results!
Highslide JSTop positions in Finnish Rally Championship with JMS Technic made bodywork cars

Successing in motorsport is a sum of many areas besides drivers ability to drive the car. Even his role is the most spectacular it automatically doesn't meen that trophies and medals from the events and the series comes to his grasp. Besides drivers' skills the car has to be competitive in all its' technical areas. Actually technics creates basis for the driver who drives for success. Click for complete press release!
Highslide JSUSWE drink packs and gears for snowmobile/enduro!

Make sure you don't get thirsty on the way!
Drink package now 120eur including:
1) Drink pack 0,5l, easy to dismantle and clean
2) Changeable storage tank
3) 5 pieces 0,5 litre storage tanks
4) Fast fiill bottle
5) Corner attachor 2 pieces
NOTE! You also can purchase this product in a single piece!
Contact us aand order now!
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Mikko Pajunen trusts our services
Young talent, Flying Finn Mikko pajunen heads into Finnish Rally Championship round with Citroen C2R2 rally car. We had a superb damper test with him. After a good test session the driver feels very good for his car setup. Now we start waiting for the event and see how he manages it.
Reiger dampers now for snowmobiles!
Very popular Reiger dampers are now available for snow surface!

Contact us and ask for more information!
JMS Technic self-made Honda Civic Type-R drive shafts now available!
Price 1100 € /pair (VAT 0%)
NOTE BMW drivers!
So that your competitiveness would be maximal we strongly recommendate to regullary service your rally car suspension, dampers and rear diff.
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