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JMS Technic ilmoitus 2012Since 2005 we're provided all kind of motorsport services for motorsport people and companies. Our premises are located in Laukaa, just 30kms north from legendary rally city Jyväskylä which is also known as headquarters of WRC Rally Finland.

We've lots of experience from all levels of motorsport - From Finland and from international arenas.

Our main product and services is safety rollcage welding for rally and race cars - For example Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and BMW rally cars.

Also suspension and damper maintenance and sales are big part of our services.
We're an official reseller and maintenance company f.ex ProFlex and Reiger Racing Suspension. Furthermore we service all Öhlins damper customers.

We also do other suspension and damper maintenance like rally cars, snowmobiles and enduro.
Our intention is to provide compete suspension and damper package from design to final testing.

One big part of our product line is also rally service and test and developement services for motorsport people.

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